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Based in St. Louis, Pick Up Locksmith are a team of highly trained and qualified locksmiths. We provide services for homes, businesses, and vehicles across the region. If you find yourself locked out of your home or you’ve had your keys stolen, all it takes is one simple call to Pick Up Locksmith and we will be there to help as soon as we can. We are a relatively small and local run business, so offer a community feel service. We understand the area we work in here in St. Louis and we are proud to be able to make it a safer place for our neighbors who live and work here. We value our customers and listen to the needs of people in the community, to make sure we are offering the best service possible.

So, why should you choose us?

We have a handy 24/7 service and a range of specific services to help you with all of your lock needs. But more than that we are a good value locksmith, who offers a high-quality service at affordable prices. Particularly when it comes to keys and locks for vehicles we will often be miles cheaper than a main dealership.

We offer on the spot services, which means we can always solve your problem in one visit. Unlike other locksmiths who have to go away to find parts or come back for a second day, we make sure we have everything we need in our vans, so we can get you in or moving as soon as possible. That way we save you extra expense in our labor hours. What’s more, we respond to calls right away, so you can always rely on Pick Up Locksmith to arrive promptly. We are proud to offer an affordable price to all of our customers.

Our team are highly trained professionals. All of our locksmiths have years of experience and know what they are doing. The team have a history of working with complex security systems, and have a variety of respected and professional qualifications. They are unfazed by high-risk situations and are calm in emergency scenarios, so you can always be sure they will give you a safe and reliable service. We have a variety of specialisms within our team, so we can help you with a wide variety of lock or key issues. Together our team offer more than just an average locksmith service. We offer advice and tips on a range of security issues, to make sure you aren’t just in your home or vehicle, but that you can make it as secure and comfortable as possible. We enjoy delivering the best quality we can and are proud to help so many people who live in St. Louis. For more information about our services in St. Louis and the surrounding areas, contact us today.




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