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Here at Pick Up Locksmith we are proud to be able to help you whenever you need us. Sometimes we don’t just lock us ourselves out of our homes or offices, often we lose our car keys. You might have just locked yourself out of your car, or perhaps you’ve simply misplaced your keys, or worst of all had them stolen, but whatever the circumstances we can help. We can help you whatever your vehicle, whether it is a motorcycle, a van, a car or a truck. We are able to provide replacement sets of keys if you need them, and we can even remove your lost key from the vehicle database so it won’t be able to open your car again. This is perfect for people who have misplaced or had their keys stolen. We provide key cutting and programming services, and can also pick locks if you’ve just locked yourself out of your car.​


If you are looking for a locksmith in St. Louis, then look no further than Pick Up Locksmith. We are trusted and reliable locksmiths that have been helping people get back into their homes for years. Our residential service covers many areas. We can help if you’ve locked yourself out, simply lost your keys, want to change your locks, need a new key cut, or even if you need us in an emergency situation, we will be there. We are experts in accessing your property whilst doing minimal damage to your home. Before you try to get in by smashing a window, call us, as we will get you in much quicker and with a lower repair bill! As well as helping you get back into your home, our team will also offer you tips about how to make your home more secure and help you prevent ever needing a locksmith again.​


Security for any business or commercial company in St Louis is really important. There are lots of reasons to ensure your business is secure, often a business will have goods of much higher value than a residential property kept inside. That is why we can offer business locksmiths in St Louis. We have experience working with many local business in St Louis. Together we can keep your business and your employees as safe as possible. We offer a wide variety of specialist commercial services that are tailored specifically to businesses. We have thought about the kind of locksmith services a business may want and have made sure our teams are trained well to meet your needs. Our team of locksmiths can solve issues for businesses, as well as take on various installation tasks including door closers and openers. We take great pride in understanding the businesses we work with in order to provide the best locksmith service possible, that is tailored to each businesses’ needs and requirements.​

Ashley P.
Ashley P.
Got locked myself out of the house at night, while I was trying to take the trash out!!! Annoying door the locks itself automatically which I absolutely hate! Thank God my neighbor just came home from work and was able to help me and call a locksmith. He used Pick Up before, and said they have the best prices and services. Pick Up arrived super quick, and replaced the key right away, I can't believe how fast it was. They also fixed the auto lock thing, so I wouldn't lock myself out again. All I can say it's a super fast service, very reliable and affordable. Hopefully I will not need to replace my key anytime soon, but if I do- I will definitely give them a call. Highly recommended!
Heather S.
Heather S.
They were only $15 cheaper than the dealership but their customer service was so much better! They had my key cut and programmed to my car within 15 minutes. The dealership told me it would be at least an hour. I would definite use them again.
Matthew S.
Matthew S.
Great quick service with competitive pricing. I called around to a few locksmiths and they had the best pricing to come to my house and program 2 new key fobs. I will use them in the future.


We are a close-knit team based in St. Louis who are pleased to offer you a truly personalized and tailored service. When you call us you will speak directly with a fully trained locksmith. We aren’t a huge conglomerate who will take a while to respond, instead we are local people who are part of the community who are ready to help. As we are based in St. Louis we are able to help lots of people in the wider area, so feel free to give us a call if you are living nearby, as we can probably get to you in no time at all.

Although we are a local company we are proud to have a whole host of locksmith skills amongst our team. Whatever situation you find yourself in, we will have the specialist locksmith ready to help you. If you need a locksmith for a domestic call out, we can help, but if you need a commercial locksmith for your business needs, you can rely on us for this too. Lots of our customers continue to choose Pick Up Locksmith, as we are experts in causing minimal damage when we gain entry to properties or vehicles. As we are a team of highly trained experts we always gain access without damaging the door or frame, even if we are in an emergency situation.

As well as having the best team of locksmiths in St. Louis, we also make sure we carry the best equipment to help us do our job to the highest standard possible. We make sure that all of our vans are stocked with the most suitable locks and parts. We ensure we have a wide variety of locks, so that we always have the right one for your home, car or business. That way we can be sure to help you in just one visit. Our fees are transparent and we are an honest business who can help you quickly, at any time of the day, just pick up the phone and call Pick Up Locksmith.

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