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Whether you are locked in, locked out, or in an emergency, we can help you get back where you need to be quickly. Our whole team are fully trained experts in home locksmith services. As well as getting you back into your home, we can also repair any damage you may have suffered from old or worn locks, as well as fit extra locks and fix any issues with a faulty lock. Let’s take a look at our services in more detail:

  • Emergency Locksmiths

If you’ve just realized you have been locked out and you need to get into your home fast, then we offer a speedy emergency service  to help you get back into your home. We work professionally and quickly, whilst keeping you calm and reassured. Our locksmith are all trained in the latest industry leading techniques, so there won’t be much hassle or disruption to get you back into your home. We also make sure we have everything we need in our call-out vans, so if you need some repairs done once we help you gain access, we can do everything you need in one visit. We aim to save you money on labor costs, no additional visits, or trips to find extra parts.

  • Faulty and replacement locks

We always look to first repair any damaged or faulty locks, as this will be easier for you. We always try to repair on site in one visit. However, if we think the lock is beyond repair we can also offer you a full lock fitting and replacement service. We can provide professional replacement services for any types of doors, as well as for windows and garages – wherever you have a lock, we can work with it!

  • Security services

Whether you have recently been burgled or are particularly vulnerable, we can provide you with our high-quality security services to help you feel safer and secure in your own home. We recommend these services if you have recently moved your house in particular, as you are twice as likely to be burgled if you have just moved into somewhere new. If you have been a victim of burglary, then we will take the time to think about what extra systems or locks you may need, so we can upgrade your security and help to reduce the risk of being burgled again. We can also recommend additional security measures, for example, we can fit anti snap locks to protect your home against lock snapping.

  • Key Cutting

We have the latest key cutting equipment and machinery, to ensure we can cut your new or spare keys easily whenever you need them. We can fit and cut keys for a wide variety of locks, including the most high-end security key locks. Our team are trained in using our specialist equipment and will be happy to come out at any time of the day to help you with your key cutting needs.

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