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We know that keeping your business secure is just as important as keeping your home safe. That is why we offer a bespoke package of business locksmith services. We recognise that each business will be faced with a unique set of security challenges, so we take time to understand your business and help you in a tailored manner. Our engineers are all fully trained in business services, and we offer a variety of different options for you:

Key and Locker services

We can provide master key systems for various business needs, such as those for door locks, desk locks or cabinet locks where sensitive information is stored. We often provide this type of service for hotels or businesses that have tiered access levels amongst employees, so we can help ensure only those who should have access to certain business areas or documents actually do. For businesses that have lockers for employees we can also offer both fit and repair services. We can record each lockers code so if we ever need to re-cut keys or help to repair your lockers, we can do this quickly and easily.

Emergency services

Keeping the entryways and exits of a business secure are really important. Often as less people are present on the premises at night, in comparison to residential homes, they can face more burglary threats. Often they will also house more value, particularly if it is a stock warehouse or a business that is storing valuable assets. That is why we are always available for you in an emergency, and we will work with you to solve any problem you may have. We can provide our services whenever you need them and make sure we have our call team ready for when your business may needs us. As well as helping you in an emergency, we can give you ongoing support and help you to maintain and manage your lock systems, including services for lost keys, as well as any damage or faults in lock systems. 

Security services

For businesses in particular we recognise how important it is for the overall security of the whole business to be considered. So we offer more than just a simple locksmith service. We offer consultation sessions with businesses and security checks and audits to help you understand how secure your business is. As part of this service we will look for easy access points for burglars, as well as the age of locks. We will offer advice about the security you have in place, and will give you estimates on what we would adjust and change with your current locks.

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